Feature Review is a portfolio and marketplace management listing tool founded by Aaron Oxborrow. Below we’ll detail both sides of the tool.

Domain Management

Registration is simple and a 30 day, no card required free trial allows you delve into this tool without risk. The interface is simple and once you’ve uploaded your domain spreadsheet and mapped the columns you are presented with an easy to read table that shows you the domain, it’s status (for sale, sold), price, min offer, registrar, day to expiration and nameservers. A summary at the top also how many domains are expiring within 30 days, with the ability to click and see which domains fall under that category. In this section you can also see your portfolio pricing and total revenue.

Another great feature of the domain management side of the site is the ability to group and colour code domains. This is useful for separating premium, dropping, showcase or geo domains.

Group domains with colour coding

Marketplace Management

This is where really comes into it’s own. Once you’ve added domains you have access to another tab that shows those domains on Dan, Afternic and Sedo. It shows the pricing for each site so discrepancies can be identified at a glance. When I uploaded 500 names to test the platform out I found 40 domains that weren’t on Afternic and 4 domains I hadn’t listed anywhere (despite owning them for nearly a year 🤦‍♀️).

If you find a lot if discrepancies in your portfolio and you don’t want to manually edit each listing on each site there are three separate export buttons within for each marketplace. You can export a file for each marketplace to upload there. Be sure to use the “reconcile” options when uploading your portfolio to amend existing listings rather than wiping and starting fresh.

A portfolio with listing discrepancies across the three marketplaces.

Landers and DNS Management

If you use’s custom nameservers and landers you can also add TXT records to verify ownership at marketplaces. This mean once you have a new name and it points to these nameservers you don’t need to do anything else to verify your names.

This is Just the Start

If you follow on Twitter (@domain_io) you’ll regularly see now features mentioned, either as recently implemented or as coming soon. Recent additions and soon to be features include:

  • Full individual DNS control for all domains using our nameservers.
  • Bulk refresh for both domains and market listings
  • New 8 hour SLA for pulling marketplace data in
  • A record usage so nameservers can be pointed to but use alternate landers

I, for one, am really excited about the direction this tool is going in and commend Aaron’s vision. To try for 30 days free click here.




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